Notnef Greco - Fooling the World

Notnef Greco - Fooling the World

Sometimes the best of music is no more than a conversation between dear friends, often a simple affirmation of their being together. That’s why studio stories belong to the legends of bands.

This is one such case. Beholden to an almost magnetic desire to revel by the sea, the enigmatic amphibious duo decamped for a winter month on Count G’s quaint ancestral grounds on the Corinthian Gulf where a cozy new studio was waiting to be tested. From Sinking Ship Studios to Seaside Boys East is but an ocean’s

Between late-night seaside adventures in nearly freezing temperatures and fireside ruminations on the grim prospects of the world, making music together was decidedly the most inspiring way to give meaning to the irreparable passage of time.

Several days of improvisations were recorded, from which the gems that comprise this album were extracted. The incomparable rhythm duo of our Berkeley friends Cloud Precious and Greta Pin as again asked to put their dynamic paint brushes on the canvas, and on one occasion Sublamental’s partner Hive Silk graced us with her genius mallets.

Fooling the World is a long composition with breaks of silence, like film music for suspended marionettes dancing without strings attached to any master.

The music bears all the marks of spontaneous composition, as is indeed any conversation between friends who have known each other all their lives and can’t be fooled.

But beware! Fully knowing that the world is collapsing, Notnef Greco sure is fooling.

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Deviant Fond: guitar, synth (7)
Count G: keyboards and electronics


Cloud Precious: bass
Greta Pin: drums and percussion
Hive Silk: vibraphone (6)

Recorded live at Seaside Boys East in February 2023
Improvised bass and drums overdubbed at Sinking Ship Studios, Berkeley CA, November 2023
Mixed at The Boys Room, New York City, January 2024
Mastered at Terra Infirma
Composed, arranged, mixed, and produced by Notnef Greco
Cover and insert photos by David Fenton

Copyright © 2024 by Sublamental Records


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