Merry Art

Hannah Barry Gallery

Diver in love with oblivion

I throw myself
to sleep.

I sink at once.

I dangle handsome

before the eyes
of desperate

I unhook myself.

At night
I carry my dreams
in fish crates.


The Dream of Penelope Delta

The book cover of my pain
a smile that bound me tightly
as one morning
a bullet struck
love’s infertile breath.

You died as when I first met you.
Dressed in your linen suit
a naked country’s
monarch in rags.


Oracular Day

If only man was a cicada
And lived by feeding on the sun,
Thought one fine day
Apollinaire, the poet
Raising his eyes to the sky
Just as the shrapnel rained down
While he kept pissing
In the corner of a muddy trench
Next to those others digging madly
On the off chance to unearth
The final serenity
Of sun.