Pursuing Phantoms

Sublamental Records

The language of dreams is like the soft-sculpting of sound.

With Pursuing Phantoms, Count G inaugurates a series of experiments in extended dreamscapes of sound, created from the surrealist entwinement of compositions, improvisations, remixed material, and field recordings, in this case collected in various travels over the summer of 2017.


released February 10, 2018

All instruments, arrangements, programming, field recordings, compositions, and production by Count G.

Recorded and mixed at The Boys Room, Riverside Studios, New York and mastered at Terra Infirma (December, 2017).

Remix material: Annette Peacock, Hildur Guõnadóttir, Ksiezyc, Leafcutter John, Natalia Martinez Ordóñez, Sarah Nicolls & Atau Tanaka.

Percussion material in "Revenu à un rêve nu" created by commission of the Fencepost Reclamation Project.

Cover art: Ivories at Hotel Metropole, Alexandria, Egypt

You can find out more about this release and many others at Sublamental Records: https://sublamental.com/count-g/pursuing-phantoms