Thinking with Balibar

Maison Française, Columbia University

This roundtable is part of a conference on “Thinking with Balibar”, which explores the influence of Etienne Balibar's work, not paying tribute to Etienne Balibar per se, but showing how certain concepts, arguments, and methods that he applies in his work can be and are being used by scholars in different fields working on crucial issues of our time. 


Jean Cohen (Columbia University), Democracy and Sovereignty 
Stathis Gourgouris (Columbia University), Political Anthropology 
Frédéric Neyrat (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Hegemony and Ideology 
Bruce Robbins (Columbia University), Book report: "Le Citoyen-sujet" 
Shanny Peer, Moderator 

Co-sponsored by the Columbia Maison Française, Collège International de Philosophie, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, and Heyman Center for the Humanities 

00:00 - Opening remarks by Souleymane Bachir Diagne 
08:39 - Introduction by Diogo Sardinha 
13:02 - Jean Cohen 
27:05 - Stathis Gourgouris 
42:39 - Frédéric Neyrat 
57:06 - Bruce Robbins 
1:08:53 - Etienne Balibar's comment 
1:14:05 - Q&A 
1:16:23 - Discussion between the panelists and Etienne Balibar

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